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Are You Ready To
Are You Ready to Get Off the
Six-Figure Hamster
Marketing and Sales is our core niche and we are committed to helping entrepreneurs get their products and services out to the world in a faster, smarter and collaborative way. 

We understand entrepreneurship can be lonely. That is why we have created our ELITE Mastermind that will be filled with hand selected business owners across the globe to be a part of a community like no other. We will all grow our Business together. 

We Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One as your Virtual Chief Marketing Officers. We will help you take your business to the next level while we treat it as our own for the next 12 months! 
There Are Only 40 People being accepted into our Mastermind This YEAR - Most Members Will Renew Year After Year Leaving Very Few Openings. If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then Spots Are Still Available ..
Hear is What You Will Get

- 2 hour 1:1 Strategy Session where we will take a deep dive into your business and come up with a marketing and strategy plan for your business for the next 12 months. 

- 2 masterminds a year at a Mansion somewhere in the world with Guest Speakers ( accommodations, food, event included ( you just have to get yourself there) $40,000 - Value

- Voxer access to us at anytime. We are here to support you with whatever needs you have. Whether it be to bounce ideas, looking for guidance, if you are stuck and need some clarity, whatever it may be. You will have access to us directly. $- Priceless (we charge $1500/hour to go for lunch and pick our brain)

- Weekly Group Coaching Calls. We will bring in experts from our network to talk about, marketing strategies, business development tools, Facebook ads, social media, Google Adwords, copywriting, sales, marketing, youtube, story telling, email marketing, mindset. We will have hot seats and so much more. $104,000 - Value ($2000 and hour for 1:1 Coaching)

-Exclusive Facebook group for members only. 
Priceless (Elevate with a group and learn amazing insights from entrepreneurs around the globe) 

We are also here to advise on the best systems, strategy and processes plus we have a team who can implement it all and get it executed for you so you don't have to worry about it. We only work with the best, so you will also have access to the best if you decide to hire out team!

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From The Desk Of  Krista & Ed
Edmonton, Ab
We are a husband and wife team dedicated to helping you and your family build the life you want along side us. We are passionate about sales and marketing but even more about making this world a better place the best way we know how.

For us, that is by bringing together like minded people from across the globe to learn together, to grow together, to uplift each other in business, family and in life.

Our commitment to you is that we will treat your business as if it was our own. Treat you like you are family and will lean on our strong network of entrepreneurs and service providers to help you achieve your goals.

We are ready when you are!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience with us!
Simon Manucci-– Nigro / Manucci Law

I have worked with Edward for the past 8 years. He helped me put a comprehensive strategy to rebrand my law firm and implement it. The experience has been nothing short of incredible! From a fresh contemporary look and feel both online and offline, he truly encapsulated my vision to take our boutique law firm into the 21st century! Our growth since then has been significant and we truly appreciate their help!
KirK Burchak- Copper Top Truck Repair
Ed and Krista have helped transform my business to a branded heavy-duty mechanical facility with a fleet of service trucks in the past 5 years serving national and international clients in the transportation industry. My growth online has been huge! Most of my business was from my network, but now I get business every single day from online traffic. Our traffic and leads are up 80% since Ed had pivoted our online presence in 2016 and we haven’t looked back!
 Jordan Maruschak- Nothing But Tires
From brainstorming and strategy sessions, to digital marketing and working on maximizing growth potential thus revenue. Edward has dropped a huge amount of insights, and incredible value bombs in how to grow my business both online and offline. I would recommend Krista and Edward to any one, any time hands down!

Steve Capp- Fit Fest
Edward has helped us truly find our story and the opportunity to not be just transactional but to have a higher purpose and impact on everyone we help on their health and fitness journey. This has helped us clarify direction, who our ideal audiences are both on a corporate sponsor side, to the individual coming to one of our events and changing their lives. I would recommend Edward and Krista to anyone.

DR Rodel Sicat
Ed and Krista have helped quadruple my online exposure since we have worked together! From the cool look, feel and branding of my wellness centre to the leads and traffic. In fact we have seen a 25% increase in traffic alone and a 27% more engagement in phone calls in March 2019 alone!
Cristian Manucci- Phillips Manucci Law.
We have become the fastest growing criminal law firm in Alberta, and a great contributing part of that is due to the online presence that Ed and Krista have created for us! They were able to take our current site, update it and create marketing funnels to generate leads in our criminal and family practice. Our types of leads make quick decisions and we wanted to be in front of them at the right time and right place to take action!
Andrew Shaw - Andrew Shaw Photography
Krista and Edward have been very helpful in my entrepreneurial journey, from the website design to the structure of offers and packages to up-sell clients. Ed’s been a huge resource in helping me structure my business message and how to best offer my services, I truly believe you should get experts in their field to help you with your specific needs, and focus on your zone of genius.

Sean Bodie- Platinum Homes Hawaii
Edward and Krista have helped us rethink the business and services we offer and realized the huge value we bring to our clients and that it needed to be reframed. With their help we have crafted a proper message to communicate these benefits to our ideal clients (real estate owners and real estate investors in Hawaii), which has helped us grow our business significantly. 

Meet Ed,
Founder, CEO Sales
Ed started selling when he was 8 years old. He has personally sold well over 25 million dollars in sales and has managed over 30 MILLION 👌🏻 In advertising dollars in the last decade✅..

He has worked on Marketing and advertising strategies for award winning and global companies such as Shell, Infiniti, Finning Cat, SMS equipment , Tip Top Tux, All Weather Windows, Volkswagen, Denny’s, to name a few . As well as does work for non profits such as JCI, the Edmonton food bank and Habitat for Humanity.

He became an active partner in a small advertising agency in 2009 that he 10Xd in the first 4 years, this gave the agency unprecedented growth and the opportunity to move the company from a rented 2 person office to a 12 person agency purchasing a 6500sq foot commercial building to facilitate their services.

Edward Langer has been offering communication services to the public for over 12 years.

His early career was spent travelling the US and Canada in the men’s dress garment industry for 6 years for notable brands such as Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis and Ecko unlimited.
Meet Krista,
Founder, CEO Marketing
Krista built her online boutique from home using her cell phone and facebook to start.

She has packed and shipped over 10,000 items across North America from her boutique that she ran out of her home.

She has been nominated for top 40 under 40 and has been quoted in her Citys Business section numerous times.

She has mastered organic reach using Facebook and has spent the majority of 2017 learning from the best Social Media Strategists in the world and online marketers.

Investing Thousands of dollars perfecting her craft. During her studying she quickly fell in love with the strategy for online marketing and wants to help other businesses achieve success online.

Do not underestimate this stay at home mom.

She has a wealth of knowledge and a connection globally to the best of the best in all industries online. 

Back ground is in the utility industry, working for an IT company in a corporate environment for 15 years

Krista started her personal development path in 2016, and started investing in courses, coaches and masterminds from people in the online marketing space. 
Fast forward to 2018, Krista and Ed decided that instead of going in 2 different directions for the same purpose (providing for their family) Why wouldn't they go all In Together, and bring their years of experience together to help other entrepreneurs 
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
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